Road transport has traditionally been the bread and butter of our business. Having started as a local operator in 1889, Boon Oil & Gas Services has expanded to become a logistic partner of European proportions. Every day, we have thirty truck combinations on the road, collecting and delivering goods.

Boon Oil & Gas Services is above all renowned for its knowledge, experience and professionalism in transporting full and part loads for the:

upstream oil and gas industry;
renewable energy sector;
construction companies.

In principle, we will carry any load, from a 100-tonne steel structure through to a 1 kg parcel. Specifically for the energy sector we transport drill heads, drill pipes, pipeline sections, chemicals, big bags, drilling rigs, flare booms, gangways and rotor blades.

The challenge of transporting parts for oil and gas installations and wave and wind power stations demands specific solutions. Without exception, the operations involve heavy loads, delicate parts, unusual dimensions and difficult-to-reach locations. As a customer-oriented business, we leave no stone unturned in demonstrating our focus on achieving the optimum balance between speed, safety, reliability and flexibility to deliver the ideal solution for your transport needs. Boon Oil & Gas Services – we take on any challenge with confidence.

Boon Oil & Gas Services is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, even on Sundays and national holidays!

Daily scheduled service

In the Netherlands, Boon Oil & Gas Services offers a daily return scheduled service between:

  • IJmuiden, Den Helder and Emmen v.v.;
  • IJmuiden and Rotterdam v.v.

United Kingdom groupage services

Boon Oil & Gas Services operates a cost-effective groupage service every day between Great Yarmouth and Aberdeen in the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. Our capacity for cargo combination is almost without bounds. This enables us to offer flexible and rapid services at attractive prices, using the DFDS ferry line between IJmuiden and Newcastle. The IJmuiden terminal is just 300 metres from our office headquarters. Goods shipped today are unloaded tomorrow.

Norway groupage services

Boon Oil & Gas Services operates jointly with ITS Denmark in providing daily groupage services from and to Norway. ITS has years of experience serving the oil and gas industry, and together we handle all customs formalities on your behalf! Here, too, we can offer rapid service at attractive prices.

Fast delivery and
express services

As well as volume transport, Boon Oil & Gas Services can be relied on to deliver your time-critical international express cargoes, any time of night or day. This service is available for individual parcels, euro pallets or even a complete trailer load. Our flexibility has made the ad hoc arrangement of any transport activity a company speciality. On request, we also handle all customs formalities.

Dangerous goods

For years, Boon Oil & Gas Services have specialised in the storage and transport of dangerous goods. Every day we transport explosives and radioactive material for the international oil and gas industry.

ADR transport operations are a complex activity. Naturally, you will only entrust the transport of hazardous substances to a reliable professional, and at Boon Oil & Gas Services you are at the right address!

Our trucks and trailers are ideally equipped for this form of transport, and our experienced drivers are in possession of the necessary certificates. All in all, Boon Oil & Gas Services is the place to be for transporting dangerous cargoes.

Special cargoes and projects

At Boon Oil & Gas Services, complex projects for the oil and gas industry represent a large proportion of our transport activities. Take for example the transport of complete drilling rigs for onshore activities, or the delivery of hydraulic gangways. You can confidently entrust complete transport projects of this kind to us. We will provide all the necessary documentation, apply for the transport permits, reconnoitre the route in advance and arrange transport escort services.

  1. Extremely reliable
  2. Strong sense of responsibility
  3. Excellent price / quality ratio
  4. Fast service

24/7 On
The Move

The world of logistics is our passion, and we can deliver your goods throughout Europe. As complete logistic service providers, we are on the move 24/7 with a real sense of fun and humour that matches the mood of our customer base. Boon Oil & Gas Services is not characterised by a 9-to-5 mentality but the undiminished drive to make the life of our customers as pleasant as possible.

Customer Stories

Practically all oil companies operating on the North Sea and many of the leading suppliers to the challenging offshore industry make regular use of our extensive transport services and offshore containers.

It is particularly comforting to know that our valuable units are transported from A to B with absolute professionalism.

Michel Alserda, Balance Point Control

The staff at Boon are extremely flexible and accurate and respond rapidly.

Jack Ploeg, Dana Petroleum

Speed is an essential factor and Boon has never yet let us down.

Marjolein Res, Cebo Holland