No concessions

Quality, health, safety, environment

In the industrial services sector, safety, health, quality and the environment play a dominant role. It is therefore entirely logical that our clients impose the strictest requirements on our vehicle fleet, our employees and the work we undertake.

Boon Oil & Gas Services recognises its responsibilities to man, to the environment and to providing the highest possible quality services. Within our day-to-day work approach, the consistent focus on quality, health, safety and the environment (QHSE) is both self-evident and fully visible. We make no concessions on these issues.

Unique Service

All of Boon Oil & Gas Services’ vehicles are equipped with a mobile telephone and on-board computer with navigation system and GPS and GPRS equipment. The introduction of the Black Box system means that our vehicles are all in real time contact with the home base so that in close consultation with our customers, we can guarantee on-time delivery, anywhere. This professional planning system makes Boon Oil & Gas Services a well-oiled machine, while guaranteeing its customers a level of service that is difficult to match.

Powerful TMS

Boon Oil & Gas Services operates with a powerful transport management system (TMS) that supports the procurement of transport services, the calculation of the optimum routes and the registration and execution of transport plans. The system also includes a track and trace function, and the support software is so flexible that it is always possible to respond rapidly to the latest wishes and requirements of you the carrier.


Safety is the number one priority in everything we do. Boon Oil & Gas Services operates transport equipment that meets the highest quality requirements, and is fitted out with the very latest technology, including the most recent safety systems available. Our drivers are also supplied with special offshore overalls in fire-resistant and flame-retardant material.

Boon Oil & Gas Services works with external quality and safety consultants, who regularly assess the quality of the organisation and the safety of our services and staff.

As a multidisciplinary transport operator, Boon Oil & Gas Services holds the following certificates:


Article 17 Recognition

Radioactive Licence for Germany

FPAL verification assessment

All our drivers are holders of the following certificates:

VCA Basic

ADR (Class 1 to 9)


Air Cargo employee

Article 17 Recognition


H2S Course

Deltalink Gate Instruction

Load Securing