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The specialist strength of Boon Oil & Gas Services lies in the company’s ability to carry out both simple and complex logistic transport operations for the oil and gas industry and for companies involved in renewable energy generation.

Partly thanks to our unbridled interest in and thorough knowledge of the energy sector, we can rapidly and reliably translate your specific transport needs into a safe and worry-free logistic solution. We understand your culture, and think and speak on your wavelength!

Core Qualities

The world of logistics is our passion. For that reason, all our activities are based on the core qualities competence and professionalism. You the client needs to know what you can expect, and we make every effort to be as clear as possible. At our company a deal is a deal, and the short lines of communication mean that you are always in contact with the right partner.


Boon Oil & Gas Services stands for quality, reliability, efficiency, safety, flexibility and inventiveness. We recognise that this is a bold claim, but it is one we live up to time and again!


Our dedicated workforce is the binding element in our service provision. Delivering optimum service is in their DNA. Better than anyone, they recognise how important your transport operation is for you. They will make every possible effort to ensure your satisfaction, with an eye for detail and an unfailing drive to always keep ahead of your deadlines, to help you reduce your cost of ownership. Thanks to their wealth of experience, professionalism and dedication, your transport needs will be perfectly met. Their drive to deliver maximum effort is the guarantee for the rapid and correct completion of your transport task. Our people make the difference!


The world of logistics is our passion, and we can deliver your goods throughout Europe. As complete logistic service providers, we are on the move 24/7 with a real sense of fun and humour that matches the mood of our customer base. Boon Oil & Gas Services is not characterised by a 9-to-5 mentality but the undiminished drive to make the life of our customers as pleasant as possible.


Boon Oil & Gas Services has offices in IJmuiden and Emmen. In addition, over the years we have built up close ties with agents at key locations across Europe, where the company philosophy matches our own. For that reason, we prefer to refer to these agents as partners!

Strategic home

The location of our home base in IJmuiden on the North Sea coast places this port city at the strategic centre of the European offshore industry. Our network of locations in other North Sea countries means we can guarantee the optimum availability of equipment, short journey times and flexible planning. In turn, you enjoy the guarantee that your transport operations will be carried out successfully and efficiently.